Q: What sets X Web Development apart from all other web developing companies?

A: We offer passionate customer service, fair pricing and exceptional quality vs companies who only offer moderate quality at a high price, with a less than desirable customer service experience.

Q: How many people will be working on my website?

A: X Web Development is a joint partnership, meaning the client greatly benefits in receiving 2, for the price of 1.

Q: Will my website work with Apple and Android?

A: Yes, and perfectly scaled and optimized for smartphone, tablet, and laptop use.

Q: Can you make an E-commerce site, for my online business?

A: Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can you make an app available for download on Apple and Android platforms, to go along with my new website?

A: Unfortunately not at this time. Web development and mobile web development are two different things, and at the moment we have no mobile application developer on the team.

Will my website be secure?

The process we use to build our websites ensure several layers of built in security. This includes everything from our websites being encoded with secure protocols, uneditable files, management systems with built in security, to the extra protection that the hosting service provides.

Q: Who will own my website?

A: X Web development owns all intellectual property and site builds before the website is launched live. All intellectual property and site builds become property of the client after the website is published.

Q: Why isnʼt your pricing specifically listed?

A: Every client is unique in their website needs and wants, which produces a custom price.

Q: How fast can my website be built?

A: Due to the complicated nature of building websites, each timeline is custom. However, once we know the details of the project, we will lay out a timeline for clarity.

Q: Is financing available?

A: Yes. We understand life happens, and so we offer a 3 month installment plan, as well as a 6 month installment plan. 0% interest. Zero credit checks, no credit needed. Identification needed at time of signing.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: Yes. In order for both X Web Development and the client to be further protected against fraud, we require contracts to be first signed upon initial consultation before construction of the website begins.

Q: Do I pay before or after my website is built?

A: Customers always pay after, to ensure customer service and quality.

Q: What’s your method of payment?

A: An invoice with an attached secure link will be sent to the client for desired payment option, upon delivery of website. Please note, checks are not accepted.