Our Story

The idea sparked in December of 2019, when Sergio saw an opportunity where most saw a problem. For recent college grads trying to land a job in their respective fields, many hiring companies today require 1-2 years of experience for entry-level positions. However how does one gain the experience if the door is shut? We decided to make our own keys. Sergio and Michael decided to partner up together sharing entrepreneurial and coding skills and talent, collectively working towards an opportunity to serve people in regard to making their online vision concrete. Our game plan is simple; Our clients receive a professionally tailored website at a very fair price, thus increasing their individual success, Sergio and Michael receive an honest way of earning a living while gaining valuable experience to serve in a greater sphere. Itʼs a win-win for everybody.

Our Business Principles


Every one of our websites is designed by humans vs ai. Our love for people, which derives from our love for God, fuels our desire to connect and passionately serve in the web design and development industry. We build sites that represent your identity and message!


Websites are essential to obtaining information and reaching people with it. As our profession, we commit to delivering professional websites that meet needs, while not compromising quality or integrity.

Our Design Principles

Essential Content

  • Concise Wording
  • Refined Content
  • Relevant Media

Clean Design

  • Personalized Theme
  • Pleasing Aesthetics
  • Modern Design

Simple Functionality

  • Friendly Accessibility
  • Intuitive Interactions
  • Simple Usability